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We widely detail attractive features of NATO strap on Esprit NATO, we are here concentrating on the myth "James Bond and NATO straps".

Let's start with the bad news : Sean Connery's strap in Golfinger (1964) was not a NATO strap. Many of us think the opposite, which have most likely contributed to the sucess of NATO straps, but we believe this watch strap first became famous mainly because of its characteristics and many benefits.

However, James Bond and NATO straps are indeniably connected. Why ? This is what we suggest to focus on this page...


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James Bond was wearing a nylon strap in Goldfinger in 1964



The nylon strap was then put on the famous Rolex Submariner ref. 6538, iconic James Bond's watch.



It was 16 mm wide on a 20 mm lug width watch. It's a unique and surprising style as much aesthetically as functionaly. Not so British...

It is said that the strap belonged to a member of the production team who came to the assitance of this Submariner at the last minute. This would be an explanation of the wrong width... A mishap that would have left its mark in history ? We were unable to verify this information.


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Why did this Submariner 6538 absolutely need a nylon strap ?

Because at that time none other strap enabled to put James Bond's watch both on his wrist and on his diving suit, typical feature of nylon strap, which thereafter is part of some requirements for the Royal Navy...



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Why is this Goldfinger strap not a NATO strap ?

For two reasons :

- NATO straps and its strict requirements emerged nine years after, in 1973, further to British MOD request - we explain this in detail on a dedicated page.

- Sean Connery's Submariner strap in Goldfinger has a nylon loop, whereas NATO straps have two steel loops.



James Bond was then wearing a single pass nylon strap with a nylon loop from the same band (same width and pattern).

We are proposing a version here on Esprit NATO.


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Another nylon strap in Goldfinger

Pussy Galore, Goldfinger's private pilot, was wearing a Coke Rolex GMT Master ref. 6542 on a nylon strap too. Her character was one of the first woman to wear a Rolex sport watch for men in a movie.



Was nylon strap already essential ?


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The real NATO strap in James Bond world



We have seen several similarities between Sean Connery's nylon strap in Goldfinger and the original NATO designed for British army. It is probably the origin of the confusion...


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Myth becomes reality

In 2008, Daniel Craig is wearing a Rolex 6538 Submariner "Big Crown" offered by Barbara Broccoli, current producer of James Bond movies, and daughter of the original James Bond producer (Albert "Cubby" Broccoli), and he is wearing this inconic watch on ...



No doubt, it is a real NATO strap as we clearly identify one of its typical stainless steel loops.


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James Bond straps on Esprit NATO

The most mythical

The most mythical pattern is Sean Connery's one in Goldfinger, Black 2 Green stripes and Burgundy borders. We propose it in multiple variations under the name "Bond Original".

But here is the authentic Bond Original Goldfinger strap :



The most famous

The most famous James Bond pattern is the Black 2 Grey stripes, for several reasons :

  • It is Daniel Craig's one.
  • Goldfinger movie was initially in black and white, so the original pattern looked like black and grey. Confusion has existed for a long time...
  • It matches to any watch, any style and any other colours, and remains sober despite its strong character.

We propose it under the name "Craig Bond". It is so essential that you will find on Esprit NATO in every design and size.




By extension, we name "James Bond NATO straps" every 2 stripes strap (with or without borders).



We hope you are now convinced that NATO strap and James Bond are connected forever.

However, if you want to watch Goldfinger again or to buy a Bond NATO, then we succeeded in our mission...