Your frequent questions, our answers (FAQ)

Here are your frequently asked questions, we answered to each of them being as much accurate as possible.

We also give you some advice.

Below, "1 piece strap" means each easily interchangeable strap in one part, namely NATO, US Military, ZULU, NATO ZULU, Perlon straps...

Let's move to questions !



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There is no customer notification on your website. How could I have a feedback on your customers' satisfaction ?

You can look at our facebook page and account : our customers often post comments on our service and photos of their watches with our products. Most of the time it is in French, but it will give you an idea... You can also use a translator.

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Do you publish a newsletter ?

No we don't, but we often post on our facebook page : you can "like" it and you will then see all our publications including our new products.

You can "like" our facebook page here at the bottom right.

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Can I put 1 piece straps on my watch ? Can I choose straps of any thickness ?

If your watch has prominent horns (ex 1 ex 2) - it is the case of 95% of watches - then you are in !

If it is not the case, you still have a chance but please send us a photo, we will tell you.

Before ordering, check the strap thickness (here), and make sure the free space between spring bars (lugs) and the watch case enables the strap to be put into. Most of the time, it is ok but you need to check...

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Which strap width should I order ?

When ordering a strap, the width to choose is the lug width of your watch ( ..., 18mm , 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, ...).

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How to put a 1 piece strap on a watch ? Do I need a special tool ?

It is better to have a tool to remove the previous strap. If you are a watch lover and you want to be autonomous in your strap changes, we sell a Swiss made high quality spring bar tool here.

Once the strap removed, check the condition of your spring bars (lugs), and put them back of the watch to get thsis.

Then you will put the 1 piece strap on the watch without any tool and in record time !  Here is a demonstration.

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The lug width of my watch is 19 mm (or any odd width), do you have more straps of this width ?

Few odd width straps exist because odd lug width watches are not common.

For odd lug width, when the strap is not available, we recommend to choose :

- either the higher width (ex : for a 19 mm lug width watch, choose a 20 mm width strap) for a sports watch or middle/big size wrists ;

- or the lower width for small wrists or watches.

This choice is personnal and our customers have different opinions on the subject, but both cases will be ok.

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What are the differences between 1 piece straps (differences between original NATO and prestige NATO, between NATO and ZULU, ...) ?

Not easy to understand the differences, often subtile, between all these straps.

We created a dedicated and largely illustrated page here.

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Which strap do you recommend for my watch ?

The choice of a strap is personal. It depends on several parameters such as the watch, what you will do with it, your tastes and your budget.

To help you to make a choice,  we created pages which give you the main features of the straps (here) and the differences between 1 piece straps (here).

Do not forget to check that the strap is compliant with your watch (shape, width, thickness, colors, style, ...).

If you look for specific color(s), think to use the filters or the research tool proposed here above.  The offer is large, you will then be sure to see all the straps containing this (these) colors.

Please note that it is not necessary to choose colors from your watch, we have seen beautiful matches without color in common.

Time to make your choice ! Be inventive and creative ;-)

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Do I have to change the spring bars of my watch if I put a 1 piece strap ?

The forces applied on the spring bars are bigger with a 1 piece strap than with traditional ones. Therefore, it is important to check the good state and quality of the spring bars.

If it is not the case, we propose perfectly adapted springs bars here. If you want the best in terms of sturdiness, choose the "special strong", the quality of the others are good too. All of them are Swiss made.

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I want to change the spring bars of my watch, which one should I choose ?

The crucial point : does your watch have drilled horns (full crossing drilling in the whole width of the horns), or undrilled horns (drilling only in the inside part of the horns, not in the whole width) ?

If drilled horns : choose spring bars for drilled horns, also called regular spring bars (here)

If undrilled horns : choose spring bars for undrilled horns, also called flanged spring bars (here)

Careful : If you put regular spring bars on an undrilled horns watch, you will not be able to remove the watch band without damaging it. Indeed, regular spring bars do not have the flanges that enable the fork of the tool to compress the spring. Therefore, you will have to use a tool such as cutting pliers to cut the straps, with the risk of damaging the watch too.

All spring bars sold here are adapted to the straps we sell. They are high quality swiss made products. If you want the best in terms of sturdiness, choose the "special strong" spring bars.

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Do you deliver in this country ?

We deliver Worldwide.

All delivery modes proposed are reliable : not need to worry about the shipment distance.

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Are payments secure ?

All payments proposed are 100% sécure (more details here).

2 payment options outside of France : credit cards or PayPal accounts.

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If I order several straps, will I have a discount ?

Yes we propose a volume discount on a products selection. This discount is not automatic and you will have to enter a promotion code while validating your order.

The promotion code is reminded on the order validation page and you do not need to create an account to know the exact amount of the discount.

Details here.

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What are the shipping (delivery) costs ?

You will find all shipment details here.

Shipment outside of France starts from 4€ (bubble pack sent as a standard letter worldwide without tracking number).

Important : "Lettre Prioritaire Internationale" is cheap but is not recorded. We recommend delivery modes with tracking numbers, more expensive, but much more reliable and secure.

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If I order today, when will I receive the products ?

Our commitment : parcels are dispatched no later than the working day after receiving your payment (very fast shipments)..

Most of the time, orders placed before 11H AM are shipped the same day.

Once the parcel is shipped, the delivery time depends on the postal services, therefore we cannot commit on it.

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I placed an order. When will I receive it ? Can you send me a tracking number ?

We dispatch the parcels as soon as possible, and often the same day of the order. You will be informed by email.

Once the parcel is shipped, the delivery time depends on the postal services, and you can check their delivery commitments on their web sites.

We recommend you choose a delivery mode with a tracking number. The tracking number will be sent to you by email and we will be able to follow the delivery.

If you choose "Lettre Prioritaire Internationale (no tracking number)", this delivery mode is cheap but not registered by postal services. Therefore we will not be able to give you the delivery progress.

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